– How They Turned around Our On line Advertising Revenue – How They Turned around Our On line Advertising Revenue

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Google Adwords a while back blacklisted from having Asdsence Ads shown on the website. I had tried two appeals but to no avail they simply would not make it clear what the issue/s where. I removed two articles to appease Google and on the third appeal they still noted issues but would not cite them…

As an independent news syndicate I cover Alternative News, as a matter of fact I own where is active AND EARNING. In the field of independent news and journalism you come across some hard hitting news and reports. One such article that triggered the Adsence ban was a international news story with regards to a taboo subject and that was the consumption of aborted children in China. Pretty graphic news to say the least. The article was fully investigated and was featured in the Soul Times (South Korea). As an true alternative news source we cover news that is decidedly not your main stream media.

So I set out to find another place where I, as an independent publisher could make a few coins to keep the site alive and running. I decided to revisit Infolinks as a publisher.

I have to Say that I have been most pleased with Infolinks. I have tried other ad networks as well, like Chitika

On a test run with Chitika I had 74 thousand impression and made $0.13!

From the actual report!

Total 74,008 6 0.01% $0.00 $0.13


$0.13 from 74k impressions… Now how this can be is any ones guess. First off poorly formatted ads and one has to believe that the reports they give are accurate. Something that at this point I am not certain of at all. Needless to say I am not using them any longer and have no plans to in the future.

As well I have tried Qadara.The only thing I see in the reports is this:

You have no earnings for this time period yet”

On I have both Adsence and Infolinks running. They both perform for me. Both have in my estimation and years of experience ACCURATE, transparent reporting Something that I cannot say for all ad networks.

Infolinks has not impacted my adsence revenue on the sites I have both of them on.

As for Infolinks support. Excellent, with out a doubt.

You get a real person to deal with, that is something over the years I have yet to see from Google.

A Case in point:

As my Audeince grew we out grew our hosting provider and moved up to a VPS solution. Our other hosting provider left us in the lurch while we where experiencing the largest growth in our history. During this growth Infolinks performed for us in a way we never thought possible, and I say that with all sincerity.

When we had some downtime I was contacted by infolinks. This is in part what the message was:

“We’re contacting you because after reviewing the recent reports in your Infolinks account, it appears that your account has experienced a drop in traffic and revenues.”:

You are a very valuable Publisher to us so please let us know what can we do in order for you to be completely satisfied with using Infolinks on your websites.”

Something I am not certain I will ever hear that from Google…

And lets talk about real customer support. A long while back I had another infolinks account, it had some earnings in it but I let it go dormant. When I contacted Infolinks customer support they had this in response:

“Thank you for writing in.

Unfortunately, since your previous Infolinks account was inactive for over six months, your account has been automatically disabled and your login details were removed from our system. However, we are currently in the process of transferring your remaining earnings from your old account to your new Infolinks account.”

How many ad networks are going to do this?  Fair, honest, and willing to work with you as a publisher infolinks is in deed a partner to have and to Keep.

This site is brought to you in part by and we are proud to refer anyone to them. They help keep Independent Media, Alternative News,  and The Free Press serving you.

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