‘I’m going to be late. I love you and I’ll be back’: The last words of Miami cannibal to his girlfriend just hours before horrific attack


The girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, 31, the man who police say horrifically ate a homeless man’s face over Memorial Day weekend, has spoken out for the first time about the man she knew and loved.

Eugene’s victim, Ronald Poppo, 65, remains in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital with his nose, mouth and eyes torn off. His sister, Antoinette Poppo, thought he had killed himself years ago and is distraught by the news of his injuries.

The harrowing attack, which has shocked America, took place on Saturday afternoon on the MacArthur Causeway near Miami beach.

But Eugene’s girlfriend today recalled the last time she saw him on the morning of the attack, when he was holding his Bible and kissed her goodbye, saying ‘I love you.’

The girlfriend, who did not wish to giver her name, spoke to The Miami Herald about her on-off boyfriend.

She said on the morning of the attack he woke her up at 5:30 a.m., saying he had to run out to meet a friend. ‘I told him be safe and I love you too. When he walked out the door I closed it, locked it and went back to sleep,’ she said …. http://www.dailymail.co.uk
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