Igor Strelkov: not over – everything is just beginning. Forward the uprising – New Russia. The fight goes on!

Igor Strelkov: not over - everything is just beginning. Forward the uprising - New Russia. The fight goes on! translated by MATUTINSGROUP
Igor Strelkov: not over – everything is just beginning. Forward the uprising – New Russia. The fight goes on! translated by MATUTINSGROUP
LiveJournal, 02 October 2015 – 10:45 pm.- Igor Strelkov in an interview.
Question: Considering your violent and loud criticism of the policies of the Kremlin over the Donbass and Syria in this interview and previously in the forums do not be afraid that this could lead to reprisals on the part of your address is criticized?  Or the activities of the movement could complicate?
Igor Ivanovich: Will the people’s republics Donetsk and Lugansk returned at the end of “Ukraine”, then the further activity of our movement will make no more sense. Or should be helped with our help the Ukrainians until they “lustrate” the “returned Ukraine Donbass” the population (lynching) and “a little hang” be?
Considering the reality of the threat facing us our first plan now is not humanitarian, but the informational and propagandistic component of our movement. And by the authorities anyway we saw virtually no help.
Will there be a reaction? So, they are there anyway. Given full information blockade, which gradually extends even over the Internet.
Will it grow? We will not allow, “to conceal” the attempt of direct betrayal. That’s the only honest position that we see for us now.
Question: Igor Ivanovich, you are a former employee of the FSB, right? And what moods prevail now within the power structure, you can say something?
Igor Ivanovich: I do not know. With me almost no one talks about the current staff there. My inner circle consists of retirees.
Question: Those thing with the air strikes. Аssad keeps itself for three years without them. His Air Force flies “for any reason” but, if they will begin a full deployment, its neighboring countries will fully use their air force and not shoot his like our bomber. The territory under the control of Assad will be greatly expanded.
Igor Ivanovich: We will see. But I doubt it strongly. The air mission is in densely populated urban areas and in the mountains not too effective.
I arrived even in the Chechen war to the “already destroyed” by the air force positions and found the Chechen “ghost” before. Not infrequently the next bomb crater was 200 meters away from the base found if there was ever find any trace of a bomb attack.
Once we landed and were immediately separated from the helicopter at the site, which had been bombarded with bombs and cannons from the Mig-24th In the finish area the bullets came. But in the ravine, where the position of the enemy has been suggested, not a single bullet is taken. Thank goodness it was found that the position had already been abandoned.
As long as the infantry has not set foot on the premises, as a territory is not conquered, nor even neutral. The biggest problem of the armed forces of Syria is the lack of a large number of troops trained and loyal army units. The infantry is concretely “the trump card” of the opponent. Poorly trained, hardly disciplined, but the opponent can compensate the losses virtually immediately.
Question: In Syria, do not forget the Air Force Base and the ports of Tartus and Latakia, which serve our naval forces. And their loss would be a strong strategic loss. The impossibility of faster repairs for the ships of the naval forces, etc., towing her to the docks on the shores of the Russian Federation would be expensive and problematic.
As I understand it, we have intervened there more because of these ports to expel the rebels there and prevent them set there. I doubt that the goal is to defeat ISIS on the territory of Syria, because it is absurd.
Igor Ivanovich: Here are the instructions for the new propagandists:
– Why do we need bases in Syria?
– In order to support the Mediterranean grouping our naval forces!
– And what do we need the Mediterranean grouping of naval forces?
– In order to support our allies!
– And who did us there of our allies do?
– Syria
This means that we need the bases in Syria only to protect Syria -?
– …. You are an agent of the State Department!
Question: Igor Ivanovich, this is really the end? Gennady Dubowoj inhibits clinically naive daily questioning fellow citizens: “Gennady why there are no new videos and productions? What happens in the Donbass republics? Is this the end of all our hopes? “
Igor Ivanovich: I answer.
Firstly, – yes, that’s the end. There’s nothing to shoot at. The war is over. Or rather, we were forced to terminate him.
Secondly, – what is happening in the Republics of the Donbass? Everything has already happened. We fought for the restoration and consolidation of the new slave order. We were all well used. Who will not play by the rules of the system, which will be eliminated.
Third, I will decipher the points 1 and 2, if I remain alive and can do in a series of sketches and analytical articles this. I did this for a long time to various publications promised.
Question: “The end is the beginning of one’s” (W. Vysotsky).
Igor Ivanovich: Nothing is over. Everything is just beginning. Forward to revolt. The chance to prevent it, is still given. But decreases violently in proportion as the “Agreements of Minsk” to be implemented.
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