ID2020 – Vaccination Identification Patch Technology is now being deployed in Australia from ‘Vaxxas’. Also known as the ‘Quantum Dot Tattoo’ with the capability to affix a QR code with luciferase ink.

ID2020 – is an initiative from a consortium of corporations that are seeking to introduce a new global form of Vaccination Identification through the injection of a ‘digital tattoo’ ‘micro-needle array (patch)’ with invisible luciferase ink. Producing in the skin a unique ‘QR like’ scanable code to identify a person and their health record. This has been also called the ‘mark of the beast’

RNA vaccine by Moderna contains Luciferin dissolved with 66.6ml of distilled phosphate

Given at the time of issuing a vaccine, the injection site may be scanned with a smartphone to see if the vaccine has been administered. The micro needles can be adjusted to provide a unique tattoo structure similar to a QR code. Consideration is being given to using this as a form of ID and for linking into payment technologies. Corporations which sponsor this project include Microsoft, Accenture and Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance), Mastercard and Bill Gates.

A company called Vaxxas is setting up manufacturing facilities in Queensland Australia to start deploying this technology.


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