I Interviewed Jeffrey Dahmer’s Pastor *Shocking* – VIDEO

I got to sit down and interview the pastor who baptized and discipled Jeffrey Dahmer.

In this interview we asked the following questions:

0:00 Intro
0:23 – First reaction to baptism request
1:51 – What crimes scared you the most?
3:53 – Was Dahmer Insane?
6:46 – Did he believe he was demon possessed?
8:45 – What Netflix got wrong
9:58 – How did Dahmer react after baptism?
11:19- Did Roy notice a change in Dahmer after baptism?
12:24- Does Roy believe Dahmer was sincere?
14:21 – What were Dahmer’s biggest questions about Jesus?
17:20 – Rumors of Dahmer not being a changed man
20:02 – Was Jeffrey too far gone to be saved?
21:34 – Could Dahmer be in heaven and victims in hell?
23:09 – Challenge of showing Dahmer salvation is by grace
24:09 – Difference of Dahmer in news vs real life
25:51 – Could Roy have been deceived by Dahmer?
28:20- How did he react to Dahmer’s death?
30:09 – Was he aware of anyone Dahmer converted to Christ?
32:00- Is Dahmer the worst of all sinners?
33:27 – Does Roy believe he’ll see Dahmer in heaven?
34:08 – Closing
36:04 – BONUS: What is Roy’s biggest regret in talking with Dahmer?
36:59 – BONUS: Roy’s thoughts on the man that killed Dahmer?
38:06 – BONUS: What would Roy say to the family of the victims?
40:13 – BONUS: Would he be able to forgive someone for doing the same to his family?

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