I developed Bell’s palsy 18 minutes after my first dose of Pfizer. Doctor claims this was not vaccine related and to get my second dose.


I was not sure where to post this. Hope it’s okay. So I recently was hired at a new job. They require me to get vaccinated or show proof of exemption. Mind you I have been totally against the vaccine and have refused to get it but I have been without work for fourth months. So even though I felt sick and nervous and something bad was going to happen I chose to get my shot today.

10 minutes after my shot in my left arm I started to feel dizzy. The lady seemed concerned and told me to wait another 15 but I said I’ll be fine and walked out. 9 minutes later the left side of my mouth started to droop to the left and my tongue fell to the left side of my mouth. I called the advice nurse and became confused, not being able to tell her basic information about myself.

I stuttered, slurred my words, and felt literally intoxicated. She said get somewhere safe and wait three minutes she needs to talk her doctor. Answers the phone again panicked and says call 911 we think you are having a stroke.

I call 911 and the ambulance shows up I tell them I just got my vaccine. They tell me I’m not having a stroke and says I am just having a panic attack. They told me the hospital won’t be able to do anything for me and to go back in my house , lay down, and watch a movie.

I decided to drive myself to the ER. I told the doctor I was happy, healthy, and fine before getting my shot. He performed multiple tests and diagnosed me with Bell’s palsy. At that point I could no longer blink my left eye, and I’m biting the left side of my tongue because it’s falling to the side, and I can’t smile correctly.

He claims this was not from the shot and says it is just a coincidence even tells me to go ahead and get the second dose in a few weeks. I now have to take six prednisone pills twice a day, and five viral pills twice a day which causes insomnia and weight gain and a shit ton of other things. I do not feel like myself, I am stuttering, confused, can’t find the words.

I am traumatized and I will do whatever I have to do to warn others of this. How ironic I get the shot on my left side and my Bell’s palsy is on the left side. I will never get the second dose.



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