I Accidentally Interviewed SBF And He Hated It – VIDEO

0:00 Intro
1:07 Interview #1 – Explain the missing $8 Billion
1:58 Sam explains the “accounting error”
2:58 Sam Claimed He Couldn’t See $8 Billion
3:24 Sam Agrees
3:35 Sam’s Employees Laughed at His Explanation
4.29 “I had a lot going on”
4:52 I interrupt Sam
5:25 “I was vaguely aware some of these systems existed”
5:50 Sam tells the interviewer he has to leave
6:02 Interview #2 – Sam’s Terms of Service
7:00 “My memory is that it was more than a billion”
8:20 Sam’s Story Isn’t Consistent with Insiders
9:33 “I’m saying what I believe”
9:45 Why do people in your company know more than you?
9:53 I don’t know what they said
10:07 I’m telling you what they said
10:34 Alot of the position did not appear
10:40 So where was the position
10:55 Who controlled the Secret Stub Account?
11:04 Are we supposed to believe nobody knew about it?
11:16 Somebody had to lose the money
11:22 Seems really convenient… Yeah I don’t know what to tell you
11:34 Sam knew Alameda’s financials per Forbes
11:58 Sam hasn’t seen the article
12:43 But that means you knew what Alameda had
13:13 What if we find out you’re lying…
13:41 SAM: I think a lot of my credibility is already gone
14:00 Host: Is there a chance to get our money back?
15.01 Who were the funding offers for FTX?
15:12 Was the $4 billion ever real?
15:22 Uhh I think it uhh I don’t know for sure
15:48 Misleading M2M statements, were you deliberately misleading?
16:27 Sam acknowledges he wrong.. “Massively misjudged”
17:02 What do you mean? No way you make a simple mistake like that
17:22 Pretty big misjudgement I made
18:26 Makes no sense even without a market crash
18:52 The answer seems to always be “I made an embarrassing mistake”
19:26 I was starting with M2M and adjusting down
19:47 You never marked down
20:22 Was that FTX US?
20:25 Sam leaves the call again, but comes back
20:29 I have a question about Dan Friedberg
20:37 Sam doesn’t feel comfortable talking about Dan…
21:10 A tale of two failures: Fraud or Negligence
21:52 Your lawyer’s biggest achievement was hiding fraud
22:09 Sam: We had a number of people in our legal department
22:35 He was the chief guy, he should’ve caught this stuff..
23:48 Why’d you choose him specifically?
24:28 Not a failure of regulation
26:18 Sam leaves the call

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