Husband of BBC Radio presenter Lisa Eve releases her death certificate to mixed reaction

GARETH EVE, husband of the late Lisa Eve (Shaw), the BBC Radio presenter who died from complications from the AstraZeneca vaccine on May 21, 2021, has released her death certificate on social media – causing mixed reaction among the platform’s users.

In August 2021, it was confirmed by a coroner that award-winning BBC radio presenter Lisa Shaw – whose married name was Lisa Eve – died after suffering blood clots after she received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

A statement at the time from the family revealed that “Lisa developed severe headaches a week after receiving her AstraZeneca vaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later.

“She was treated by the Royal Victoria Infirmary’s intensive care team for blood clots and bleeding in her head. Tragically, she passed away, surrounded by her family, on Friday afternoon.

“We are devastated and there is a Lisa-shaped hole in our lives that can never be filled. We will love and miss her always. It’s been a huge comfort to see how loved she was by everyone whose lives she touched, and we ask for privacy at this time to allow us to grieve as a family,” they added.

On Thursday, July 22, Gareth decided to release the 44-year-old’s death certificate online after the topic of vaccine deaths garnered mainstream news again following the recent BBC documentary ‘Unvaccinated’.

The post from the radio presenter’s husband – which highlighted that Lisa Eve “died due to complications of an AstraZeneca Covid vaccination – has since gone viral and has produced mixed comments.

“For those out there who question if #VaccineDeaths are real,” he wrote. “This is as real as it gets.”

One person wrote: “I’m watching the BBC ‘Vaccination’ prog. in bearable bites. The pro-jab person noted, in effect, ‘when the totally tested, not experimental, Astra Zeneca jab was found to cause deaths from blood clots it was quickly withdrawn for that age group – so what’s your problem’.”

“My husband and I both had 2 AZ vaccines with no side effects at all, as did millions of other people,” one person wrote.

Prior to revealing the death certificate, Gareth shared a picture of his wife with the caption.

“My very own, precious Angel of the North East 💔 One day our loved ones will be shown the respect they deserve for doing their bit during the pandemic. It’s not anti-vax to talk about #VaccineDeaths – in our case, it’s sadly a fact,” he said.

Source: Husband of BBC Radio presenter Lisa Eve releases her death certificate to mixed reaction – Euro Weekly News
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