Huma Abedin Just Got Terrible News From the FBI (Video)

Former Clinton campaign manager, Huma Abedin, may be most famously known for handling Hillary’s disastrous election campaign and her marriage to serial pedophile Anthony Weiner. But the corruption doesn’t just stop there, as two other Abedin family members are under investigation by the US Justice Department for conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the allegations against Abedin’s cousins: Irfan and Omar Amanat. Both were related to tech startup Kit Digital, and they allegedly siphoned millions of dollars of investor money out of the company. And more troublingly, they used their connections with Abedin to make the company appear more valuable by helping a partner company obtain UN funding. Also, Omar Amanat was appointed to the Council on Foreign Relations. Was the State Department under Hillary nothing but a ‘pay to play’ operation?
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