Hugo Chavez Suffers Kidney Failure Rushed to Hospital

JUST IN:  President Hugo Chavez Reportedly Suffers Kidney Failure Rushed to HospitalVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has been battling an undisclosed cancer since this summer, has reportedly been rushed to the hospital with kidney failure.

According to Venezuelan press sources that are highly monitored by the government, Chavez was rushed to the Military Hospital in Caracas in serious condition through the emergency room.  Just this past Sunday Chavez went on government television to assure his people he was on the path to recovery in spite of having the fourth round of chemotherapy in Cuba

The 57-year-old left leaning leader had a cancerous tumor removed in Cuba on June 20.  He and his administration have never disclosed what type of cancer he has but insist the cancer has been contained.  He has undergone four rounds of chemotherapy though the fourth was not expected since Chavez himself said the third round was his last.

Chavez recently gave last minute notification that he would not be addressing the UN General Assembly this week and would remain in Venezuela.

Reportedly Chavez phoned into state television to say his kidney failure were ‘rumors’ and that it was his political rivals and the media that are speculating on his demise.

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