Huge UFO appears on national U.S T.V – Brooklyn New York


From the Source:

This is 100% real folks! I’ve chosen this video as its one of the most baffling pieces of video I’ve ever seen relating to possible advanced human technology and alien vessels. A guy goes on Earth Cam while viewing on a large TV and finds an actual “UFO” mid way through the video onward’s! this craft looks very similar to the TR3B or triangle craft but at the same time the shape also resembles a flying saucer UFO. The lighting resembles that of reports of triangle craft with a center orb and lights on its edges.
This is not a drone! with the static tilt on the craft, hovering drones always travel the way they are tilted yet this stays there and its not aviation craft in my understanding. So what on Earth could it be? We want explinations! this is getting beyond a joke! Good videos are being systematically hidden in the darkness of YouTube and to find them you have to type word for word searches! this has made work very very hard.
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