Huge Object next to Mars. Recorded Slooh cutting feed and going to break. Silence from all today – NASA cut the Feed!

In this video you will hear the Slooh people go to break immediately after the closest approach of Comet Siding Spring to Mars. They cut the feed afterwards. They couldn’t explain what it was at the bottom of Mars. 

Today there is silence from everyone. Slooh, Nasa and Spaceweather don’t have any replays of yesterday. Not a single word about the event and what we all see in the live video.

The comet is one of those small little dots at the top right.

Guess we all saw something we weren’t suppose to.

Comet Siding Spring Electrical Reaction With Mars ,energetic explosion at the end of Video at 5:55 ! Mars atmosphere Gets Owned by an electro magnetic supercharged BOOM!  NASA cut the Feed!
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