Huge Muslim Riots at Asylum Center in Norway


The police responded to mass vandalism at Trandum asylum center at 19 o’clock Sunday. Police have no control at the situation right now. Dagbladet has learned that there are around 60 police officers at the site, and some are equipped with shields and gas masks.

– We are there with several units now. What happens we do not have an overview of yet, but we’ve been told that unrest and vandalism are going on in several places there. We have been told that extensive vandalism on the building has occurred , operations leader Øyvind Strømsborg in Romerike Police said to Dagbladet on Sunday night.

– We do not have control on the site. We must go through building systematically and gain control of those who do not do what we say, Strømsborg says.

– Lots of police cars arrives on site. Also ambulances, Dagbladet’s photographer says, who are on the site.

An asylum seeker told Dagbladet that the protests are against the conditions at the asylum center.

He says they are protesting against, among other things, that they are locked up earlier on weekends, bad food and lack of exercise.

– It is much better in regular prisons. They have a library, training facilities and regular food.

Trandum is a former military camp that is now used by the Police Immigration.

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