How to Watch the Second 2016 Presidential Debate: Live Stream [Video]

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take the stage at 9 PM EST. 

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are set to face off for the second of three debates tonight at 9 PM EST, this one taking place in St. Louis. The town hall–style event, in which questions will be taken from the audience, seems likely to inspire even more quotable moments as the two presidential candidates’ first verbal showdown — especially considering Friday’s leaked video. The debate will, of course, be broadcast by just about everybody, and those without an actual TV can watch it live in a number of different ways.

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All major news stations will be broadcasting live, several of them on YouTube. That includes NBC News, whose live stream you can find below, as well as PBS, C-SPAN and the Washington Post, among others. Many networks will include these streams on their Facebook pages, including Telemundo’s Spanish-language coverage and ABC News.

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Twitter users will once again be able to watch live at, a partnership between the microblogging service and Bloomberg Politics. Their joint coverage begins 30 minutes before Clinton and Trump take the stage and will include comments carrying the #debates hashtag.
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