How To Survive A Nuclear Attack (Video series)

The excellent 3-part video series below from Tin Hat Ranch will provide us all with a fighting chance should the worst come true, a nuclear attack. The videos are broken down into the following three parts: The First Minutes; Making Decisions; Dealing With Radiation. With North Korea making a series of nuclear threats and the situation in the Middle East still unfolding, I’d recommend that everyone watch these videos to give you the edge you need to help keep you and your family alive while others aren’t so fortunate.

From the videographer: Have you ever wondered if surviving a nuclear bomb is possible? Would you know what to do if one went off? Watch this series to learn how to greatly improve your chances of not only surviving a nuclear bomb but walking away unscathed. With the tips in this video you will know exactly what to do and give you a leg up on the folks that have no clue. This first video tells you what to do from the first flash to the passing of the blast wave. Part 2 of the “Surviving Nuclear” series, we take you past the first minutes of a nuclear event. I tell you the necessary things you have to do leading up to your first decision. Do I stay where I am at or do I go and try to outrun the fallout? In part 3 of the series we are dealing with surviving radiation. In the video I tell you how to best improvise and expedient shelter that will minimize your risk to lethal exposure to radiation.
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