How to Leave Facebook – What They do not want you to know (top-secret URL)

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Here we will show you how to delete your face book account and not just make it inactive or deactivated but to have it deleted.

There is only one sure fire way to do this and  it is a serious of easy steps you must take in a specific order. There is no  other way of doing it.

The hard to crack practically secret and hidden method of truly deleting your FaceBook account can be purchased and instantly downloaded for only $4.95 (USD)

This small fee helps us to continue to bring you alternative and blacklisted news that the mainstream media will not. It is independent sites like that has helped revolutionize the way people get news and opened up avenues to the truth behind the news and today’s world events.

Deleting your account (or fake name accounts) might be the wisest thing you have done. When looking for a new Job be aware that employers are looking at your Facebook account to not only see who you are today but also who you where yesterday  Many people are not the same person they where in the past and having an Facebook account with potentially harmful posts (Pictures, text videos links et) could be detrimental to you getting hired with the company you want to work with.

As a way to support our efforts to bring you Black listed and alternative news we our offering an how to  / DIY guide to truly leave Facebook and delete your account and the content you have posted on it. If you think you have done it correctly think again and if you are wanting to totally get away from Facebook this is the guide for you. Not only will we show you how to leave Facebook we give you access to the privacy tools that you will want to use to clear up your on line reputation as well as stopping the giants of the Internet from tracking you!

Included in your kit is a group of privacy tools such as:

  • How-to stop getting tracked in your Browser
  • Private Social Networking
  • TOS;DR (Terms of Service and Digital Rights: Summaries of Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy In The Cloud (Completely Private Files)
  • Removing Personalization from Google


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