How did Pfizer not know it’s vaccine efficacy dropped from 95% to 39-50% in 4 months when their clinical trials lasted for 6 months?

Whistleblower Indicates Unclean Data in Pfizer Vaccine Trials

An investigational report published in the British Medical Journal (theBMJ) presents the faulty trial methods and unclean data from one of the Pfizer trial partner companies. Ventavia research group is at the company with these gaps. Let’s review the report.

I guess no one likes asking questions….Start asking questions

Did they know they we’re going to need boosters?

How did Johnson and Johnson not know after a year that they would need boosters to increase efficacy after 2 months?

Did they all Know hence the blank spaces On our vaccination cards?

Telling the public they needed more than 1 shot would’ve been hard In the beginning. Baby steps?

Start asking questions…Is this a ’’Business of care’’.What incentive do they have to ending this when indefinite shots rake in billions?

Whistleblower Indicates Unclean Data in Pfizer Vaccine Trials:
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