How animals in Japan acted prior to the EQ and Tsunami

“The one thing that was eerie was before each after shock you would see the birds do this…” PIC SOURCE

Birds flying off of a building after the aftershocks of Tokyo Earthquake 2011

A Central Texan in Tokyo when the earthquake and tsunami hit is back home and very thankful to be alive.

Heath Hale prayed aloud as he narrated the moments through his video camera just after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan.

“So, we just experienced a big time aftershock, March 11, Tokyo Japan,” he said.

He and two of his friends, on a week-long vacation to see a friend living in Tokyo, were at the zoo. He had his camera out to take pictures of the animals.

As he told KVUE Monday, he could not seem to get any good pictures.

“None of the animals were in their pins. They were backed into corners. The bear was trying to climb a cement wall. The zebras literally had their heads in the corner,” Hale said. “Then all at once, there was this huge pond with flamingos, ducks, they all flew out of the water simultaneously. The rhinos started digging into the ground and hollering. All at once it was animals screaming everywhere.”

Twenty seconds later, he says the ground started to shake.” SOURCE

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