House Passes World War 3 Legislation With Senate To Vote On Bill Next

The US House Of Representatives Passes Legislation Authorizing The Start Of World War 3 With The Senate To Vote On The Bill Next.

I previously wrote that the US Congress was set to vote on legislation that would authorize the declaration of World War 3.

Congress To Vote On Declaration Of World War 3 — An Endless War With No Borders, No Clear Enemies

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The United States Congress is set to vote on legislation that authorizes the official start of World War 3.

The legislation authorizes the President of the United States to take unilateral military action against all nations, organizations, and persons, both domestically and abroad, who are alleged to be currently or who have in the past supported or engaged in hostilities or who have provided aid in support of hostilities against the United States or any of its coalition allies.

The legislation removes the requirement of congressional approval for the use of military force and instead gives the President totalitarian dictatorial authority to engage in any and all military actions for an indefinite period of time.

It even gives the President the authority to launch attacks against American Citizens inside the United States with no congressional oversight whatsoever.

Just to recap, because that was a mouthful:

  • Endless War – The war will continue until all hostilities are terminated, which will never happen.
  • No Borders – The president will have the full authority to launch military strikes against any country, organization or person, including against U.S citizens on U.S soil.
  • Unilateral Military Action – Full authority to invade any nation at any time with no congressional approval required.
  • No Clearly Defined Enemy – The US can declare or allege anyone a terrorist or allege they are or have been supporting “hostilities” against the US and attack at will.
  • Authorization To Invade Several Countries – The president would have full authority to invade Iran, Syria, North Korea, along with several other nations in Africa and the Middle East and even Russia and China under the legislation all of which are “know” to have supported and aided hostilities against the United States.

Today the ACLU informs us that the House Of Representatives has voted and passed the legislation and it will next go to the US Senate for markup on June 12th.

House Passes Authority for Worldwide War

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The House just passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including a provision to authorize worldwide war, which has no expiration date and will allow this president — and any future president — to go to war anywhere in the world, at any time, without further congressional authorization. The new authorization wouldn’t even require the president to show any threat to the national security of the United States. The American military could become the world’s cop, and could be sent into harm’s way almost anywhere and everywhere around the globe.

Before the vote, the House debated an amendment that would have struck the worldwide war provision. That amendment was introduced by a bipartisan group of representatives: Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). Given the enormity of the proposed law, you’d expect the House to debate the amendment to strike it extensively, but that’s not what happened. The amendment was debated for a total of 20 minutes. That’s right. Twenty minutes to debate whether Congress should hand the executive branch sweeping worldwide war authority.

The vote on the amendment took place earlier this afternoon, and it failed on the House floor by a vote of 187-in favor to 234-opposed. Check the vote here.

But not to worry, all of your efforts to bring the importance of the new law and the amendment to strike it to your representatives’ attention have not been in vain — we promise. Today’s vote marks the end only of the first stage in our opposition to an authorization of endless worldwide war for the president and to be honest, we came out looking pretty good.

Though it is a bit awkward to celebrate a loss, a margin of defeat of only 47 votes on a provision that most people were unaware of as recently as two weeks ago is a big step forward. The momentum is on our side. And the Obama administration helped efforts to turn the tide when it issued a threat earlier this week to veto the NDAA if it contained such broad sweeping language for worldwide war.

Your answers to the call for action and the expedient work of a bipartisan group of members of Congress and their staff have our opposition movement very well positioned as we prepare for the next hurdle—the Senate.

The Senate Armed Services Committee is scheduled to begin its markup of the NDAA beginning on June 13. Watch for updates as we continue on this important issue.

While the ACLU attempts to pacify our anger by assuring us that Obama has promised to veto the bill if the legislation is not removed flash forward to the bill being on his desk ready to be signed, and there is no way he is going to veto a bill that authorizes critical funds to keep our perpetual wars in operation.

Specifically, the threat of the veto was watered down with a request that the offending text in section 1034 be further reviewed before inclusion. Instead a much larger emphasis being placed on congress cutting funds to needed to take alleged terrorists to overseas torture camps.

Since the administration’s list of objections to the bill is rather longer, here is the relevant section in which a whole two sentences is used saying that 1034 needs more extensive consideration.

Detainee Matters: The Administration strongly objects to section 1034 which, in purporting to affirm the conflict, would effectively recharacterize its scope and would risk creating confusion regarding applicable standards. At a minimum, this is an issue that merits more extensive consideration before possible inclusion.

The Administration strongly objects to the provisions that limit the use of authorized funds to transfer detainees and otherwise restrict detainee transfers and to the provisions that would legislate Executive branch processes for periodic review of detainee status and regarding prosecution of detainees.

Although the Administration opposes the release of detainees within the United States, Section 1039 is a dangerous and unprecedented challenge to critical Executive branch authority to determine when and where to prosecute detainees, based on the facts and the circumstances of each case and our national security interests.

It unnecessarily constrains our Nation’s counterterrorism efforts and would undermine our national security, particularly where our Federal courts are the best – or even the only – option for incapacitating dangerous terrorists.

For decades, presidents of both political parties – including Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush – have leveraged the flexibility and strength of our Federal courts to incapacitate dangerous terrorists and gather critical intelligence.

The prosecution of terrorists in Federal court is an essential element of our counterterrorism efforts – a powerful tool that must remain an available option.

The certification requirement in section 1040, restricting transfers to foreign countries, interferes with the authority of the Executive branch to make important foreign policy and national security determinations regarding whether and under what circumstances such transfers should occur. The Administration must have the ability to act swiftly and to have broad flexibility in conducting its negotiations with foreign countries.

Section 1036 undermines the system of periodic review established by the President’s March 7, 2011, Executive Order by substituting a rigid system of review that could limit the advice and expertise of critical intelligence and law enforcement professionals, undermining the Executive branch’s ability to ensure that these decisions are informed by all available information and protect the full spectrum of our national security interests.

It also unnecessarily interferes with DoD’s ability to manage detention operations. Section 1042 is problematic and unnecessary, as there already is robust coordination between the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community on terrorism-related cases, and this provision would undermine, rather than enhance, this coordination by requiring institutions to assume unfamiliar roles and could cause delays in taking into custody individuals who pose imminent threats to the nation’s safety.

If the final bill presented to the President includes these provisions that challenge critical Executive branch authority, the President’s senior advisors would recommend a veto.

There isn’t even a promise of a veto anyway, only a the promise that the President’s senior advisors would recommend a veto. Bottom line is let us not be fooled.

Now is the time to sign the ACLU petition and email, call and request meetings with our representatives in the US Senate and get the authorization for World War 3 stripped out of the bill before it gets to the President’s desk.

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A little noticed provision in the House Armed Services Committee’s National Defense Authorization Act would authorize this and future presidents to go to worldwide wars indefinately, including within the U.S. itself, without Congressional authorization and without any threat.

Between 1859 and 1871, Albert Pike (1809-1891), a Confederate Brigadier General from Arkansas who had been enticed into the Illuminati drafted a military blueprint for 3 world wars and various revolutions throughout the world, culminating the great one world totaltarian government conspiracy into it’s final stages. First two world wars bear striking resemblence to his blueprint. Third word war was to be formented by provoking hatred of the Islamic world in which nations “will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the atheists and provoke a formidable social cataclysm”, Pike wrote. Athiesism was created for torture, terror and wars without any religious or moral restraint getting in the way to achieve this end. Karl Marx (1818-1883) fooled the masses with worker’s revolutions which were anything but that. Darwin (1809-1882) fooled the masses with his baseless evolution theory. Thus seed for the bloodshed of the 20th century were sown in the century prior.


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