History of Arab Slave Trade – VIDEO

History Of The Arab Slave Trade - YouTube

In 1842CE, the British Consul General in Morocco wrote a letter to the Sultan to ask him if he had taken any measures to stop slavery or at least, slave trade.

The sultan replied that he will not do anything about it because it has been the norm since the time of the sons of Adam and no sects of Islam are against it.

Hence, he will not permit anything the Qur’an forbids and will not make unlawful anything that the Qur’an has allowed.

In the Sultan’s reply, we see the simplest justification or at least, excuse, for almost 1300 years of slavery in the Islamic world.

This video is part of a bigger collaboration between various YouTube History channels on the topic of Africa. Don’t forget to watch the video before this one by Stefan Milo on the Swahili Culture. Sources: The Legacy of Arab-Islam In Africa by Azumah John Alembillah & Race and Slavery in the Middle East by Bernard Lewis

History of Arab Slave Trade

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