Hillary Clinton Wants to Make Vaccinations Mandatory – Hillary Clinton wants to take away womens’ rights to say NO to vaccines!

“The Bride of Frankenfood”  Worked at a law firm that handles Monsanto’s matters.
If Hillary Clinton and the democrats claim to be so progressive, compassionate and “pro choice,” then why are they using government power to strip away the right of moms to choose (or say NO) when it comes to vaccines?

All that “pro choice” banter turns out to be total B.S. once the issue turns to vaccines, and vaccines contain toxic chemicals such as aluminum, polysorbate 80, mercury, MSG and formaldehyde, all of which pose severe health risks to children.

If Hillary Clinton had any real compassion for women, she would support a woman’s right to choose on issues of medical interventions and toxic vaccinations.

Learn more at vaccines.news or AlternativeNews.com

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