Hillary Camp Sickened When They See Who Got Caught Supporting Looting in Milwaukee

No presidential candidate would come forward and say that they support the looting and rioting going on in Milwaukee after the shooting death of Sylville K. Smith. However, their employees and supporters may not be so discreet.

Take, for instance, one Ms. Pinky Stanseski. Ms. Stanseski is a campaign worker for Hillary Clinton who apparently thinks the city of Milwaukee ought to be burned down.

Why, you may ask? Well, she doesn’t like their sheriff, the unassailably awesome David Clarke.

Unfortunately, Ms. Stanseski forgot that the “social” aspect of social media means that you can be identified fairly easily — and that’s exactly what happened.


— Jack Posobiec❌ (@AngryGoTFan) August 15, 2016



In fact, she wasn’t at all abashed about the fact that she thought that the city of Milwaukee ought to be consumed by violence because she disagreed with Sheriff David Clarke.

Hell hath no fury like a liberal disagreed with.

[Image: stanseski-470x281.jpg]

So, let’s get this straight. She supports the rioting and looting in Milwaukee, but she wants the whistleblowers who managed to prove that billionaire liberal George Soros was helping manipulate elections in the United States put behind bars?

Those are some fine liberal priorities right there.

Sadly, Stanseski didn’t learn her lesson once those tweets went viral like Zika. She’s recently been seen ranting that Donald Trump should be in jail, for reasons unclear to God or man.


Kathleen Kane, by the way, is the Democrat Pennsylvania attorney general who was found guilty of perjury and obstruction, according to CNN.


I’ll give it to Ms. Stanseski: she sure knows how to pick ’em. She’s working for a perjurer and mishandler of classified information, she’s supporting another perjurer after they were convicted, and she’s encouraging the people of Milwaukee to burn their city down. But let’s put Donald Trump in jail, because why not?

Typical Hillary Clinton supporter, folks. And it’s going to be a lot worse if she gets the presidency.


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