Here’s how the mainstream media puts people under the SPELL of mass hypnosis “Negative Hallucination” hypnosis experiment – MUST SEE

“Negative Hallucination” hypnosis experiment – MUST SEE

Here’s how the mainstream media puts people under the SPELL of mass hypnosis (perceptual blindness), using a psychological phenomenon known by some as “negative hallucination.”

The term negative hallucination was coined in or shortly before 1884 by the French internist Hippolyte Bernheim (1840 – 1919). Since then, it has been given various meanings and connotations. In Bernheim’s case, the notion of negative hallucination was linked to hypnotism, a technique by means of which the subject can be made to believe that a certain object or stimulus within his or her range of perception is missing. The historical literature abounds with examples of individuals reacting to suggestions such as these with the inability to perceive a chair, a table, an orange, the hypnotist himself, or the hypnotist’s head, even when these remain right in front of them. This phenomenon is also referred to as hypnotic blindness.

They don’t can this a “negative hallucination” in the original study, so I’m not really sure where he came up with that. It’s called Inattentional Blindness. And it’s also a test on Working Memory, which is a sign of IQ.

Inattentional blindness, also known as perceptual blindness, is a psychological lack of attention that is not associated with any vision defects or deficits. It may be further defined as the event in which an individual fails to perceive an unexpected stimulus that is in plain sight.

Believe it or not, people who don’t see the monkey have higher Working Memory (and IQ), because they’re able to attend to a task-at-hand without being distracted.

The greater problem isn’t that people aren’t seeing stuff. It’s that they ARE seeing stuff. But their minds have been trained to invalidate it. They see the gorilla… but they think it’s a lie.

Much easier to bring someone’s attention to something then it is to convince them you’re NOT lying to them.

In fact, when people stop believing others and think everyone’s lying… it’s a mental illness. It’s paranoia.

The mass hypnosis has been going on for some time–but I don’t think most people even realize how deep it goes. I can only imagine (or maybe I can’t) how advanced mass hypnosis has become, especially with technological advancements. We’ve come a long way from the crude forms of subliminal messaging implemented decades ago:

The good news, is that the more you are aware of the manipulation, the harder it is to surrender to it. Once you’ve seen the Gorilla video, try to concentrate on the people in the white t-shirts and ignore the gorilla.

You can’t not-see the gorilla.
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