Hearing On Obama Ballot Challenge – “Natural Born Citizen” Definition Will Be Decided



Judge Terry Lewis States “Natural Born Citizen” Definition Will Be Decided


May 31, 2012, Tallahassee, FL – Activist attorney Larry Klayman announced today that Judge Terry Lewis of Leon County, FL has set a hearing on June 18th, 2012 at 9:00am to hear arguments from both sides about whether the eligibility of President Barack Hussein Obama can be determined in open court.  Judge Lewis made crucial rulings in the famous Bush v. Gore case in 2000.
Florida’s election statutes provide broad protections for voters to ensure that the integrity of the election system is beyond reproach.  One of such laws allows voters to challenge the nomination of a candidate who is not eligible for the office he is seeking.  Plaintiff Michael Voeltz, a registered Democrat, challenged the eligibility of President Obama because he was not born to two citizen parents and thus not a “natural born citizen” as required by Article II the U.S. Constitution.
During the hearing over discovery issues, which Mr. Klayman wants to take the week of June 18, Judge Lewis noted that Mr. Klayman’s brief cited legal authority that a president, to be eligible, must have two (2) U.S. citizen parents, but President Obama and the other defendants cited no authority to the contrary.  Mr. Klayman had cited the U.S. Supreme Court case of Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875). Judge Lewis ordered further briefing on this issue prior to the hearing.
Klayman stressed that the eligibility is very important particularly with this president, Barack Hussein Obama.  He added: “The framers were not stupid.  They understood that a president with divided loyalties could present a security and other risks for our nation.  Obama’s Muslim heritage, which emanates from his Kenyan father (who had to be deported from the U.S.), frankly explains why he frequently sides with and takes actions to further the interests of Muslim nations against the United States; specifically his refusal to take forceful action against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its leaders over nuclear armament and human rights violations and atrocities.” 
In a CNN interview yesterday Donald Trump stated ‘Obama hates this subject’ meaning the eligibility issue.  This is because he appears not to be a legitimate American president, but instead an imposter who has fooled many.  Unfortunately, the American people are the victims.  It’s time that Obama, despite his protestations in proving his eligibility, either put up or shut up by coming forward with real proof, not doctored, computer-generated “proof” that he is eligible. The courts should finally require this real proof as to whether he is eligible for office,” Klayman added.


The case is entitled Voeltz v. Obama, et. al. (No. 2012 CA 467) and is being heard in the Circuit Court Of The Second Judicial Circuit In And For Leon County, Florida.  To request an interview please contact Adrienne Mazzone at (561) 750-9800.



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