“He Can’t Be Trusted!” – Tom Fitton Urges President Trump to Cut Adam Schiff Off from ANY Classified Information (VIDEO)

Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch joined Sean Hannity on Friday night for a panel discussion on the current attempted coup against President Trump.

Fitton blasted corrupt coup leader Adam Schiff.

Earlier today Adam Schiff posted a tweet where every statement he made was a complete provable lie.

It was all a lie.

Tom Fitton: This is not an impeachment. That implies lawfulness. This is a coup attempt, a cntinued coup against the president. It’s now a war. It’s lawlessness. And the president needs to confront it directly. Adam Shiff? He should cut Schiff off from ANY classified information. He can’t be trusted. And the executive branch is the decider of who sees classified information. Schiff shouldn’t be allowed to see anything.

Via Hannity.

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