Hamptons Lost to Obama: Wealthy Manhattan Democrats Dismayed at Lack of Leadership

Liberal and Wealthy Manhattanites are no longer defending Barack Obama, and and may be reluctant to funnel money his way. I know this only because the Washington Post is telling me one of theirs attended “a number of events” over the holiday weekend in the tony Hamptons. and, Barack Obama was a definite point of discussion, and “none of them — that’s none,” defended the president. They are “dismayed” at his lack of leadership, lack of political skills, “Obama has lost the Hamptons.”

The Hamptons

And the fact that this is so, says writer Richard Cohen, is “remarkable.”

After all, sitting around various lunch and dinner tables were mostly Democrats. Not only that, some of them had been vociferous Obama supporters, giving time and money to his election effort. They were all disillusioned.

Let me call the roll. I am talking about are writers and editors, lawyers and shrinks, Wall Street tycoons and freelance photographers, hedge funders and academics, run-of-the-mill Democrats and Democratic activists. They were all politically sophisticated, and just a year ago some of them were still vociferous Obama supporters. No more.

Frankly, I was surprised. The Hamptons are a redoubt of New York liberalism. It is to campaign money what the Outer Banks are to fishermen. I expected more than a few people to defend the president. No one did. Everyone — and I do mean everyone — expressed disappointment in him as a leader. In that area, they thought he was a bust. Some articulated detailed critiques — the nature of his stimulus program, for instance. They argued that more money should have gone into long-term infrastructure programs. Most, though, skipped the details and just registered dismay: Where had their “change” agent gone?

Somehow, I hardly think these same people will vote for Rick Perry.

Thinking themselves among the most intellectual among any on the face of the earth, I ask what they were doing in 2008 when the rest of us were screaming this guy is nothing more than a community bully, an ACORN leader, with no experience and a background steeped in communism.

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