Guardian: Mandela Dead– Life Support Shut Down–South African Government Refuses To Acknowledge Death

by Monica Davis

A British journalist says his sources in South Africa have confirmed  Nelson Mandela’s  death. However, he also says that the South African government continues to say that he is alive.

Michael Smith, a journalist working for a British newspaper, says his sources have confirmed Mandela died, surrounded  y his family:

... mandela is dead sources report that he is either dead and his death is

This is an update to the original article that I wrote last night. It has upset a lot of people and I have written an addendum with new facts that will prove our assertions that the great man is dead. If you want to read the original article please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Despite the fact that reliable sources have revealed that after Nelson Mandela’s life support machine was shut down and he died with his family around him, the South African government continues to insist that Mandela is recovering and not dead yet. According to our sources in South Africa Nelson Mandela has died in the hospital aged 94.

We stand behind our original article and have provided the following information that has been supplied to us by our local South African sources. MOREHERE
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