Great Reset starts with cleansing. Get ready. Truth incoming…

By: Shaun Kaven
12/12/2020 08:43 AM

The following is all real and told to me first hand by various sources at the top. I’ve debated whether I should post it, but I decided to go ahead and do so. It won’t matter soon anyways

What blows my mind is that it’s all just out there for anyone to see, but there’s so much misinformation that sometimes is easy to miss what is right in front of you.

They’ve been trying to create coronavirus vaccines for 20 years and now suddenly they’ve done it in 8 months?

Actually, they were “successful” before. Remember, it’s considered unethical to “challenge” a vaccinated person with the virus. So they determine success by whether or not the vaccine created antibodies.

When they did animal trials with cats (yeah, the bastids), the cats developed antibodies after the vaccine. But then when challenged, they ALL DIED. Why is that?

Because it’s not the virus that kills you, duh! It’s the cytokine storm caused by an overreaction from the immune system caused by mast cells.

See where this is going? Whether you believe it or not, the depopulation agenda is REAL. Rockefeller, Gates, many others have said it and right out in the open.

So some 6 billion on this planet of 9 billion will get vaccinated. Then they’re going to encounter COVID-19 again and this time they’ll get horribly sick and die. The puppetmasters are already planning it; they’ll say that the coronavirus mutated. The truth will be suppressed.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but in 2021 they will successfully bring the population down below 1 billion. The top has sucked the bottom dry, there’s no more inflation to inflate. We are about to be liquidated and then they’ll start over with the Great Reset.

Those of us who survive will be chipped and moved to a Universal Basic Income. They don’t need us or our labor anymore – that was a temporary deal made at Breton Woods. Now it’s worldwide collectivism coming, for everyone except the elite.

Good luck everyone.

When they did animal trials with cats / ferrets the cats developed antibodies after the vaccine. But then when challenged, they ALL DIED. Why is that? The Ferrets as well when they came into contact with the common corna virus in nature (and there are millions of them) they scummed to those viruses.

It is called Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) or Vaccine-induced Antibody-dependent enhancement (VADE). It is creating the wrong kind of antibodies, those that actually HELP the virus enter the cells and replicate.

They recently made experiments in Germany with one of the new vaccine prototypes with minks: 20 unvaccinated, 20 vaccinated, all 40 infected with coronavirus, the unvaccinated recovered without problems, the vaccinated all died within 2 days after the infection.

They immediately terminated the study and never published the results. According to Prof. Hockertz testimony in front of the non-parliamentary corona committee this info came from an insider in the study whose name can not be named.

Corona Committee Sitting #30 – Evidence Gathering – VIDEO

If you thought 2020 was something just wait. They’ve been planning this for years and now it’s only months away from fruition.

Is it a binary biological weapon?

* The A-component is the vaccine
* The B-component is the common cold.

“Cytokine Storms May Be Fueling Some COVID Deaths”

“One of the great mysteries of the new coronavirus is why it causes only mild disease in most people, but turns fatal for others. In many cases, it seems the worst damage may be driven by a deranged immune response to the infection, rather than the virus itself.

In many of the sickest patients with COVID-19, their blood is teeming with high levels of immune system proteins called cytokines.

Scientists believe these cytokines are evidence of an immune response called a cytokine storm, where the body starts to attack its own cells and tissues rather than just fighting off the virus.

Cytokine storms are known to happen in autoimmune diseases like juvenile arthritis. They also occur during certain kinds of cancer treatment, and can be triggered by infections, like the flu. One study of patients who died of H1N1 influenza, for example, found that 81% had features of a cytokine storm.

Though the virus that causes COVID-19 has been circulating for only a few months, early research shows that like other infections, it, too, may cause this kind of catastrophic immune problem, and researchers say the size of the storm it triggers is gale-force”
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