GRAPHIC: This brutal MS13 Gangland murder happened in @AOC’s district today…

This video will be the reason I will NOT investigate any fight no longer on my train…. ITS NOT SAFE!!!!…. If a passenger tells me there’s a fight on my train, I call it in to @NYCTSubway RCC and they will call police #fastforwardnyc #NYCT

GRAPHIC: This brutal MS13 Gangland murder happened in ’s district today…

She wants to abolish ICE and provide safe-haven and sanctuary for all aliens the law not with standing. That is lawlessness. To create, foster and support a population of outlaws.

Why the progressives, far left, socialists, communists, anarchists etc, think  that she should support her and her ilk is so short sighted and I dare say large swaths of sane liberals and the vast majority of moderates on all side and fronts are succumbing to the Kool Aid we call media news. The propaganda is so predictable and it’s consistency  sans any artistic or moral merits goes on like clock work. Any angends using propaganda will do it as well because it works.

It is poorly crafted propaganda but the network does very well at delivering what ever it has to. It is all digital and a simple like, share, and complain err I mean comment cleverly and strategically placed with SJ Warrior style if need be (code for deluded troll) until no one dare challenges the 137k people who just blindly liked the machinations of your attention seeking media  / fame  / click-bait whore  minds in the den$ of iniquity we call $ocial Media Giant$.

So what is fake news?

At TWT we have been called fake news oh so many times, because they think we are owned or operated by a certain religious organization and them automatically swipe and click past us, and the worst of the trolls will write and share voluminousness negative feed back on us because they never once even read the about page or ever read or followed the website or social media accounts. Drive by shootings on the digital highway, by cheep shot snipers that they call influences. Digital character assassins for hire, them and the hoards who will share virally and never question any of it.

We will continue to make headlines and reports, we are not in the news business we are in the service of information.  Going Strong since

We are looking for writers / bloggers / vloggers / etc, to join us and press and edit on or platform.

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