I’d start my discussion on this little piece of Nobel Prize winning nano tech by telling your what it does, but a more appropriate question would be what doesn’t it do?  It’s the strongest substance known to man, it’s more conductive than copper it’s biodegradable, it’s a super capacitor, and did I mention you can make it at home?  This substance that sounds like pure Science fiction has unbelievably humble beginnings.  In fact, when scientists began experimenting with it they were extracting it by rubbing the tips of pencils on Scotch tape.  Everyone is scrambling to gain patents pertaining to graphene, but by virtue of it being a substance that’s so simple to create yourself, it’s going to be impossible to stop people from tinkering with it.

In the next few years you’ll be seeing graphene hit the market in a multitude of forms. It will make screens that roll up like a piece of paper, wearable electronics, coatings that strengthen flexible materials, it will even be a power supply.  There are literally so many applications for this substance that the potential is limitless.  However, the real power will come to you when you combine it with a technology I will discuss later (hint hint, it’s number item number one on the list).
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