Gods of Eden, Alien Colonization & Eradication of Humanity – INTERVIEW: William Bramley

William Bramley – Gods of Eden, Alien Colonization & Eradication of Humanity


May 26, 2011
William Bramley began his writing career at age twenty-six when he began the research that would culminate into his first book The Gods of Eden. His second book is called Jesus Goes to Hollywood: The Alternative Theories About Christ. In this interview William begins talking about the connection between war and apocalyptic religions, tools to create disunity and gain control. Then, we get into the subject of ETs. Does our planet belong to them? Bill will discuss alien abductees, David Jacobs and ETs understanding of the soul. He’ll also talk about making contact and various groups who claim interaction with specific beings. Next, Bill questions if we’re heading for a”wipe out” and shares his research on current trends connecting the human food supply, famine and plaques. It is also possible that humans are slowly being eradicated on the planet. We’ll talk more about David Jacobs’ research that claims hybrids are integrating into society and slowly taking over. We end the first hour talking about solving humanity’s major problems. The answers are simple. Topics discussed: who profits, extra terrestrial entities, Ezekiel, apocalyptic belief, new religion, Tower of Babel, The Book of the Damned, Charles Fort, custodians of Earth, Enoch, reincarnation, Popul Vuh, spiritual abduction, the elite, Jehovah, historical divisions, royals, the reptilians, the grey-aliens, GMO’s, human food supply and more.

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