Globalist Insider: Self-Censorship and Technocratic Governance Will Drive Asian “World Order”

Parag_Khanna_6856923986-1024x576.jpgBy Daniel Taylor

As the current world order is crumbling, humanity faces an uncertain future.

In a recent interview with the Mumbai Mirror, globalist planner Parag Khanna said that “Technocratic governance,” “caution about free speech” and “self-censorship” will be part of the new value system of the Asian world order.

Khanna told the Mirror that after seeing what happened with Trump and Brexit, Asians are “being very strict with Twitter and Instagram,” adding that “Australia’s new media laws look exactly like Singapore’s.”

In 2011, Parag Khanna and Ayesha Khanna wrote in Foreign Policy magazine, “As we move into the Hybrid Age, whoever has the capacity to mange the intersection of technology, capital, and identity can become a pole of power.”

Google, Apple and Facebook have moved to China to assist in building this Asian world order.

The outcome of the current conflict, which is being labeled World War 4, will determine the freedom or absolute slavery of the global population.

This article was sourced from Old-Thinker News.
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