Giant Rats Kill And Eat Two Little Girls In South Africa

South Africa – Giant Rats as big as cats, have killed and eaten two children, in separate attacks in South Africa this week.

Lunathi Dwadwa, three years, was the victim of a giant rat

Lunathi Dwadwa, three years, was killed as he slept in the cabin of the parents in the slums of Khayelitsha outside Cape Town and another child was killed in the township of Soweto, near Johannesburg, the same day.

The small Lunathi slept on a makeshift bed on the floor of his family’s shack, made of corrugated iron, on Sunday night, when she was found dead.

His parents were perplexed, they have not even heard screaming.

When the mother discovered the lifeless body, froze the rest, the girl had no eyes!

The eyes had been torn from rats.

He had no eyebrows and cheeks were bitten ….

And the police revealed today that a girl died in the town of Soweto when he was attacked by rats, while the teenage mother was out with friends.

‘We were called to the scene of the death of an infant due to an attack of rats, around 9:00 Monday morning,’ said the police officer Bongani Mhlongo.

‘The child’s mother was arrested on charges of manslaughter and negligence, abandonment of minors’.

Bukiswa Dwadwa, 27, said: ‘I can not forget how horrible it was my child, his eyes were torn.
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[Source express-news ]

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