Germany, no longer reporting vaxxed because it would “play into hands of covid deniers”

The health department in Weimar is apparently based on these words of the elected President of the Evangelical Church Congress and then Minister of the Interior on the occasion of an allegedly planned terrorist attack in 2015. It wants to keep silent about the numbers of “vaccinated” hospital patients.

In addition, the number of people who are treated with full vaccination protection in hospitals will no longer be given in the future . Lord Mayor Peter Kleine makes it clear: “We want our figures to be as transparent as possible. However, the information about the people who are treated with vaccinations in the clinic distorts reality significantly and plays into the hands of corona deniers and vaccination opponents. I would like to emphasize that it is currently the case that a lack of vaccination protection tends to lead to severe courses in the hospital. Patients with a complete vaccination status are usually not treated FOR, but WITH Corona in the clinic, but still fall into the statistics and thus distort them. We want to avoid giving the wrong impression and have therefore decided not to give the number in future. “

Some of these answers would unsettle the population

They can hide and manipulate covid numbers, but they can’t hide all cause mortality. Minus covid deaths from that (which will be heavily skewed to reflect unvaccinated) and you have a trend that leans disproportionately toward vaccine injuries leading to death. They have to keep narrowing their scope to make the vaccines look good because at this point, their policies don’t make sense and their early decisions have to be justified.

My sense is they are panicking to find a way out of this catastrophe of their own creation and there is no easy out for any of them.



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