Free Energy Machine Created In Brazil, Coming To Illinois In The Fall Of 2013

A very unique and first of its kind in the world ‘free energy’ machine has been built in Brazil and, according to the story and newspaper ad below, will soon be coming to Illinois in the Fall of 2013. A video description of this new free energy device is given in the video below by Sterling Allan. According to their website, this free energy will be fed entirely by the Earth’s gravity and once completed, will operate continuously, forever!!! A few additional pictures taken while this free energy device was being built down below the video.

We’ve got a page full of gravity motor claims, but none have put as much into a prototype as a Brazilian company, RAR Energy Ltda.

According to Illinois State University’s GLT (U.S.A.) publication:

“The Brazilian soybean processor Incobrasa says it has such a technology. And it plans to install a demonstrator model at its processing plant in the Iroquois County town of Gilman this coming fall. Incobrasa ran newspaper ads about a month ago in both central Illinois and Porto Alegre, Brazil, where it says an affiliated company developed the generator.

“Emailing from Brazil, company president Renato Ribeiro gives few details, but says this sort of energy technology has been sought for centuries, so it’s natural that people are skeptical. He promises that the technology will surprise a lot of people, and that they’ve already applied for a patent.”

The demonstration model, which is the size of a small house, allegedly will be able to produce 30 kW — about enough to handle the peak load from two homes.
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