UFO hunters have found a four-meter stone disc believed to be the remains of an ancient alien spacecraft in the Volgograd region of Russia.

According to the Russian-language website Bloknot-Volgograd, an expedition by the Russian UFOlogy and Crytozoology group, Kosmopoisk, led by Vadim Chernobrov, discovered the disc in the Medveditskaya ridge, Zhirnovsky district, near Volgograd on September 9.

According to the UFO researcher Vadim Chernobrov, in an interview with Bloknot-Volgograd, several similar discs have been found in the region recently, some only about one meter in diameter.

Chernobrov said his team found a two-meter disc in Kuzbass, southwestern Siberia, and that the four-meter disc is the largest found so far.

Four-Meter ‘UFO’ Stone Disc Found In Volgograd Russia (Credit: Bloknot-Volgograd) Read more at
“We already found a dozen of these discs of not more than one meter in diameter and in Kuzbass a disc of about two meters in diameter, but this four-meter disc is really unique.”

The nature of the disc remains a mystery, but UFOlogists who examined it reported that part of it consists of the metal tungsten. They also concluded that the disc could be about a million years old.

The suggestion that part of the stone disc is tungsten metal is significant because it strengthens the notion that the disc is a product of alien spacecraft technology.

Tungsten, also known as Wolfram, has special applications in military technology. The metal is very hard and has a very high density, thus it is used in projectiles designed to penetrate armor.

It also has the unique distinction of the highest melting point of all elements, thus it is used to build parts exposed to extreme heat.

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scot Waring claims that the whitish parts of the disc could be tungsten. He also claims that tungsten has been found in other UFO crash sites.

Waring writes that space anomaly hunters have also spotted stone discs in Mars NASA photos. This implies that there is a technological alien race that builds flying saucers that are partly stone and partly tungsten. He speculates fancifully that the disc could be an alien drone or manned spacecraft that flew from Mars and crashed on Earth.

“It looks to me like the stone disks I’ve seen in Mars NASA photos, which leads me to conclude that this UFO is a military drone, but it was probably damaged during the Mars attack and got off course, crashing on Earth.”

But as UFO Sightings Hotspot notes, the dating and claim of metallic parts have not been confirmed independently. – Four-Meter UFO Stone Disc Found In Volgograd, Russia (Credit: Bloknot-Volgograd}
Many UFO enthusiasts believe that the inside of the disc contains advanced propulsion machinery.

“Would like to see the X-ray and geolab report on this rock. Wish I could read ruski on the source.”

“I would really like to cut this puppy in half an see its insides. If its hollow, then we know it landed with an occupant.”

“Yeah Juz I agree. It cannot be just a solid rock. There has to be some kind of structure or tech inside these. But sadly we will most likely never get our hands or eyes on it. That being said, I’d love to see our governments reaction if the Russians were the first to give us full and truthful disclosure about extraterrestrials.”

The disc is reportedly being studied by experts and it is now on display at the Zhirnovsky museum.

The Kosmopoisk team continues to search other parts of the Volgograd region for UFOs.

 [Image credit: Bloknot-Volgograd]

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