Former New Orleans Mayor Exposes Government Corruption In The Days Following Katrina

By: Lynnel H. Bott, Your Black World

Ray Nagin rips on public officials who responded poorly in the wake of Katrina. His new book, Katrina’s Secrets: Storms after the Storm, includes passages criticizing the performance of officials charged with protecting the people of New Orleans in the days following the hurricane.

On Twitter, Nagin specifically targeted officials of the Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes as well as those in Gretna, Louisiana:

“First our neighbors in Jefferson Parish secretly pumped their floodwaters into a breached levee, further flooding Lakeview and the city’s core, at least twice. Next, Gretna officials armed with machine guns and attack dogs stopped suffering people in the Convention Center from marching on a federal interstate… then we had St. Bernard officials block a critical road by the lower ninth ward before Katrina hit that created a barrier for escape and impeded floodwater drainage. They would subsequently pass an ordinance that prohibited people of color from renting in St. Bernard.”

Katrina’s Secrets, a self-published memoir, is replete with examples that support Nagin’s claims. One involves well-known attempts by St. Bernard officials to discourage development of affordable housing within the parish, and another details the August 30, 2005 decision, by Gretna and Jefferson Parish law enforcement, to bar African-American citizens from crossing the Crescent City Bridge to the West Bank.

According to a press release for the book, it is a fascinating account that will address “institutional issues of race and class that secretly conspired to control and slow down the recovery.”

Katrina’s Secrets can be purchased on

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