Former Blackrock exec says Pfizer, Moderna cooked the books in safety trials; all-cause mortality will sink both companies

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Source: Episode 1,602 – The Big Short – Pfizer & Moderna: the New Enron; Are Criminal Charges Defensible?

“You believe that some of the most powerful and most respected names in pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Moderna and others are essentially modern versions of Enron. Is that your theory of the case?”

“Correct,” he says emphatically. “I want to liken what’s gone on, here to what happened during the Great Financial Crisis. We had rating agencies, third-party verification sources that were able to perpetuate the fraud, because the money got too big. Their institutions became corrupt with the institutional imperative and they got Triple A Ratings, which we all know, in hindsight, those were not Triple A Ratings.

“Let’s move forward to today. The FDA is the trusted third-party verification of pharmaceutical products. 50% of their budget comes from pharma and I believe that, due to the institutional imperative that was in place at the time and the speed with which they tried to approve of these products with this unproven technology, fraud did occur.

“And what’s my proof of that? The FDA, together with Pfizer are trying to hide the clinical data. And it’s come out recently; late fall, maybe end of summer that the all-cause mortality endpoint for the Pfizer product – failed.

“What does that mean? Well, that means there were more deaths in the vaccine group than the placebo group. Normally, in such a case, you have no drug approval for such drugs. It’s the gold standard.

“I’ve been told by all my people in the biotech industry that once that data started coming out, they were horrified and the people who were vaxxed aren’t going to get boosted ad the people who were unvaxxed weren’t going to get it.

So, it all starts with all-cause mortality. You’ve had Steve Kirsch on and Dr Malone on, talking about the side effects that they’re seeing, the VAERS database. Well, it came to my knowledge in early January that the actuarials are seeing things, the insurance companies.

Steve Bannon asks, “You’re accusing the FDA of gun-decking or having fraudulent research in the entire situation of both the experimental gene therapy and also the vaxxine? Is that what I’m hearing?”

“Correct. Look, here’s the bottom line. If the FDA and Pfizer don’t release the data on the clinical trials, I’m assuming fraud. What we’re seeing, from the incidences of deaths and disabilities from these vaccines – you know, people have been debating about these VAERS database but now, the actuarial insurance companies are seeing it in their results.

“OneAmerica released 40% increase in all-cause mortality not related to COVID. A little report that went under the radar, Aegon Insurance, in their 3rd Quarter results – and this is a Reuters article – said their US unit saw an increase in death claims from 31 million in 2020 to 111 million in Q3 of 2021, that’s a 268-some-odd percent increase. It’s shocking.”

Steve Bannon asks Dowd how every aspect of the medical industry, from NIH’s Francis Collins, down to the hospital managers be in on such a massive medical and financial fraud.

“Well, look, Pfizer got blanket immunity from liability with the EUA. If fraud occurred, which to my mind and what I’m seeing from their refusal to release the data – if there is fraud, and it comes out and we’ll need whistleblowers and it’s looking more and more apparent that this product is deadly, fraud eviscerates all contracts. That’s case law…

“So you go down the daisy chain, that’s bankruptcy for Moderna, definitely Pfizer…this is the most interesting hallucination I’ve ever seen in the financial markets. If I’m right, and I believe I am, this is just not fraud where people are going to lose money. People are losing their lives and on disability going along with this. And the bottom line is this:

“The FDA is the trusted third party, just like the rating agencies were. And a lot of doctors in this country, a lot of agencies, a lot of local governments are placing their trust in the FDA, which gets 50% of its budget from large-cap pharma. If you don’t think that potentially, something went wrong there, with the institutional imperative, which is Warren Buffet’s term for where people inside the institution do it to the benefit of the institution, rather than the stakeholders. That’s what I think occurred…

All-cause mortality should have stopped this thing dead in its tracks, And it didn’t.”

He believes that there is a lot of evidence for fraud that would obliterate the liability protections enjoyed by these Big Pharma companies, because, as we know, fraud vitiates all contracts – or as Down says, “eviscerates”.

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