Flooding in South Louisiana – the news is barely covering this but it is devastating

Louisiana Flooding 2016

by 6h

Waiting for rescue. Source unknown (viral on Louisiana social media)

Aerial shot of Baton Rouge, LA

Capitol city of Louisiana. “ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano took a chopper ride above the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, capturing a unique perspective on the sheer volume of water that has paralyzed parts of the state. After four days of devastating flooding, more than 20,000 people have been rescued from homes in southern Louisiana”

Source unknown – viral on Louisiana Social Media

“This resilient girl was found exhausted and barely able to swim. Shortly thereafter, a veterinarian and his animals were also rescued, who’s care she was left in.”

The difference a day makes – a friend’s backyard in Prairieville

Top is the afternoon of Aug 13. Bottom is the morning of Aug 14th. This is an area that never floods. For perspective, many of these areas are places that people fled TO during Katrina. People who didn’t want to worry about the risks of living in New Orleans after Katrina moved here. People have lived here for generations and never seen this. Local systems are simply not set up to deal with this.

(AP Photo/Max Becherer). Danielle Blount kisses her 3-month-old baby Ember as she feeds her while they wait to be evacuated

Denham Springs

90% of the city flooded. 10,215 lived in the city . 128,000 live in the parish. It is estimated that 100,500 people in Livingston Parish have lost everything. Most of Livingston Parrish got more rainfall in 48 hours than Las Angeles has received since 2012. (Parish=County in the rest of the nation)

National Guard vehicle overtaken by current (source unknown: viral on social media)

Caskets floating in the streets. Baton Rouge, LA

From @annieschex

Wal-mart in Baton Rouge near Louisiana State University.

Supplies are getting harder and harder to access. Stores are sold out of basics. Many roads were flooded out and damaged so people were trapped on little islands surrounded by flooded neighborhoods.

AP Photo of families being evacuated by firemen

Imagine fitting all of your belongings in a backpack and garbage bag.

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