Final Conclusions on Obama’s Birth Certificate Case To Be Announced

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and President Obama each have pending cases against the other, but the conclusion of one is about to be revealed.

In August 2011, Arpaio launched an investigation into the legitimacy of the birth certificate Obama finally presented and posted on the White House website, which he claimed was his official birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii.  

World Net Daily has reported that radio host Carl Gallups confirmed a news conference has been scheduled for December 15 at 4pm MT that will make public the final findings of the years-long investigation, as to the validity of the document.

Investigator Mike Zullo has been overseeing the case, and Gallups is reportedly close to Zullo and the investigation team.   Gallups reportedly told WND, “This has been a long and arduous process for all who have been deeply involved in this case.  The political and mainstream media interjections, accusations and mischaracterizations of the investigation and the investigators have been relentless.”

Gallups added, “But there was too much information still coming in concerning this case for them to completely drop the investigation. So according to the promise that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo made, they continued on and dug even deeper.”

Sheriff Arpaio is currently being charged by the federal government for enforcing illegal immigration laws in Arizona, and lost his re-election bid after open-borders billionaire George Soros went after him and heavily funded his opponent’s campaign.

Arpaio was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper in 2015, where he still maintained suspicion that the birth certificate Obama finally came up with was a fake document.
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