FEMA Camps Run By Our Government and Their Link To A Possible Use During An Ebola Outbreak – Video Compilation

Below is compilation of videos I found interesting regarding the how a possible Ebola outbreak as one of the purposes these FEMA Camps were developed by our government. Which is a pretty scary thought about how little our government and the CDC are doing to contain the Ebola virus.
 In my opinion, A very large group in American society has developed a false security and have become too focused on social media to engage in learning and engaging in the world around them. This generation is lacking critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is essential acquiring knowledge and good decision making skills.
Then there is a portion of society who was taught in college to question what is presented to us, search for the facts and develop our own hypothesis. Questioning is a part our learning process. Now, the government calls those who question or expose government policy they would like to keep quiet from the public fear mongers. Those the government are concerned as falling into this category are put on a government watch list. Which you will see the videos below, it doesn’t take much to get your name on list.
One very important fact to keep in mind is, history always repeats itself. This would not be the first time in history for concentration camps to be used right here in the United States. So, how impossible is it for it to happen again?





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