Federal Govt Closing Off All Caves Across Country -Cutting Off Access to Safety

Over the past three years the federal government has been closing caves on public land all over the country from the Mid West to the West, from Indiana to Colorado and now in Montana. Why? The reasons they have given have been widely disproved…fungus? White noise syndrome? Who are they kidding? Why are they doing this? 😕


March 1, 2011



I read with interest your posting the other day from a Colorado caver. I too am a caver. Our grotto is in Arkansas, and I can tell you that MONTHS ago, when the “white nose fungus” was still only in the eastern states, ALL federal agencies in Arkansas closed ALL land under their control to ALL caving. This includes fish and game, U.S. forest service , fish and wildlife, the National Park service (over 400 known caves just on the Buffalo National River), and even the nature conservancy. At that time, and still yet today, there is absolutely NO evidence that there is a human vector involved, yet they closed them anyway, with criminal penalties for going in one. I believe that this was merely an excuse to keep all people out of all caves on all federal lands. I agree with the Colorado caver……..this is B.S. They don’t want people finding potential places to hide or cache, in my opinion. R.

S.A. in Montana


February 24, 2011



I am a member of the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto which is the caving club for Montana. An email was sent out the other day to all members stating that on April 1st the US Forest Service is going to close all caves on Federal land in Montana due to “white nose syndrome” in bats. Members have been encouraged to contact the USFS to get them to change their minds and that process is going on as we speak. No official announcement has been made yet (that I’m aware of) but as soon as I hear I can let you know. As a caver I’m not aware of any cases of white nose syndrome in Montana and there is still absolutely no evidence that cavers are transferring the disease from one cave to another due to contaminated clothing and gear. In other words it’s all BS. This is the same as saying that the bees are dying because they are coming into contact with humans so nobody is allowed to go near plants anymore.


S.A. in Montana

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