Feast your eyes upon the effects of years of pumping chemicals into your body to artificially change it

Physical fitness and beauty can be entirely consuming at times, where its grasp causes people to go to incredible lengths to reach what they view as “perfection.” Proving just that is a former female body builder who, after 20 years of injecting herself with steroids, resembles nothing of her former self on account of the drug’s effects.

Back in 1993, Denise Rutkowski won second place in the Mrs. Olympia competition, where she stood a good chance of taking the title the following year. This never came to be as in 1994, she retired in order to return to Texas to attend Calvary Cathedral International Bible College, completely shocking the sport. At that time, she looked like this.

By 1996, the former body builder was going across the nation spreading the word of God to anyone that would listen. She eventually came back around to body building in 2001 where she began to resemble the body she once had.

In 2012, however, she was arrested for evading arrest, detained, and a mug shot taken. Needless to say, the 20 years of steroids taken by Rutkowski along with a “drug addiction and bipolar disorder,” according to SpotMeBro.com, left her looking like a completely different person – and that of a different gender as well.

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