FBI Used Twitter To Censor, But Emails From The Latest Twitter Files Reveal That They Also Used Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikimedia And Reddit (Screenshots)

Another round of Twitter Files has dropped.


Another round of Twitter Files has dropped, and this one comes courtesy of Matt Taibbi (who the Washington Post laughably dubbed a “conservative journalist”).

This latest round features how deeply the FBI, DHS, state governments, and others were involved in what was and wasn’t allowed on the social media platform. Most of the focus is on the FBI.
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted this:

Source: FBI  (Screenshots)

Our team searched the entire thread from Matt Taibbi, courtesy of Elon, about how deeply the previous regime at Twitter was involved with the FBI.

The end game shows that it wasn’t only Twitter.

Something that stood out to me in that email: was 100% confirmation that FB was also involved the same as Twitter. And why were they meeting with the OH Sec of State media director?

Senator Josh Hawley made an interesting presumption and it turns out he couldn’t be closer to the truth!

And Special Agent Pronouns wasn’t only working on Twitter:

Close-up image:

The FBI had 80 agents colluding with Twitter to censor Americans.

Just imagine what the FBI is doing with Facebook (Twitter x 10) & Google (Twitter x 25).

In January, House Republicans must subpoena *all* communications between Big Tech and the federal government regarding censorship.

However, here’s the FBI’s response to the released Twitter files:

Oh, they’re aware. They don’t care!

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