FBI facial recognition database is now ‘fully operational’

The FBI’s facial-recognition surveillance system that can pick out suspects from a crowd is now ‘fully operational’, officials announced today.

Programmers have been working for three years to install the Next Generation Identification system in 18,000 bureaus across the country and compile more than eight million mug shots.

By 2015, detectives will be able to use its in-built Interstate Photo System (IPS) to trace at least 52 million people – including innocent citizens.

It will also feature a notification system called Rap Back, which will give investigators live updates of any given criminal’s movements.

The program has sparked outrage among privacy groups who warn it is the final step on the way to becoming a surveillance state.

Critics have also condemned the IPS as ‘ineffective’ since it has a low success rate.

The NGI offers a list of 50 candidates for each face selected – but there is only an 85 per cent chance the suspect is on the list, according to HyperVocal.



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