FBI Arrest Several In Hacker Group Anonymous


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Breaking News


Early this morning, the FBI searched homes of three suspected members of the hacking group Anonymous..

FBI showed up at Giordani Jordan home at 6 a.m with search warrants and removed
at least one laptop from the premises. The FBI was there for an hour and 40 minutes.

A second home home in Long Island Ne and one in Brooklyn NY,
Jordan’s system was identified as allegedly being used in a coordinated attack against
several companies.

All of the targets of the FBI are in their teens and early 20′s. The group Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacks against websites such as Visa, MasterCard..

Anonymous is a collection o cyber-savvy activists inspired by WikiLeaks and head Julian Assange to fight for internet freedom.

There have been at least 16 arrest since June 20, with ages arranging from 15 to 28 year old..
Other companies hacked by the group is Sony, U.S. Senate, AT&T, Fox.com and other government entities…


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