Famed Physicist Michio Kaku’s Predictions for the New World Order

Grant Lawrence–Bodhi Thunder

Physicist Michio Kaku has made some controversial statements.

For instance, he has said that UFO researchers are getting close to a “smoking gun” proving advanced ET life is visiting our planet.

Kaku also says that the globalization “New World Order” we see presently killing the planet is the beginning of a type 1 civilization.

According to Kaku, a type 1 civilization is the beginning of an advanced civilization moving beyond fossil fuel as an energy source.

Kaku also says you are may be a terrorist because you don’t like this planetary civilization.

Kaku may be right that this global disaster capitalistic slave system morphs into something more civilized. But the question is whether humanity will be able to survive this period of greed on steroids.

Kaku thinks that if you are against the dehumanization of this New World Order then you are against a global world and you are holding back civilization.

But the truth is that we should look to unite as brothers and sisters all around the world. We shouldn’t however unite in a system of brutalization and dehumanization. That is not advancing civilizaiton. Instead we should unite in a just system based on humanitarian values.

An advanced civilization that honors human values as well as the life of the planet is indeed a system worth uniting over.

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