#FakeTrumpVictim, Jessica Leeds, Has Ties to the Clinton Campaign

#FakeTrumpVictim, Jessica Leeds, Has Ties to the Clinton Campaign

Jessica Leeds, sits on a board with Clinton operative, Julie Kleszczewski

The association chart/image has been updated with evidence that another Altrusa NY Director, Diane Daniels, was working for the “Ready for Hillary” Super PAC in 2014:

Alleged victim Jessica Leeds, who is also stepmother of a convicted sex batterer (https://i.sli.mg/nBgG7H.jpg), is the current Secretary of the New York chapter of Altrusa USA, a service organization that champions alot of the same causes that Hillary Clinton supports.

Julie Kleszczewski is a current Director of the same New York Chapter and is a close associate of Jessica Leeds. She was a volunteer for Hillary Clinton during her 2008 Presidential campaign. It’s unknown if she campaigned for her this time around, however, there is a photo of Julie with Hillary Clinton at the 2016 American Legion Auxiliary Convention in Cincinatti where she mentions having met Clinton “again”.

Reviewing the FB timelines for a couple of Altrusa board members – they’re all huge Trump haters:


https://www.facebook.com/ladydiny25 (Diane Daniels)


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Posted this before but here is my recap of all the problems with this story that should have any credible journalist condemning it.

I read the story and there is almost no evidence provided when there should be for an allegation to be made like this. They don’t even give you the year, I think it is 1980 because she says she was 38 at the time. No day, no month, not even the season. Pretty much the only thing concrete they provide is that she lived in Connecticut and worked at a paper company as a traveling saleswoman (do you know the name of this paper company, if so why not provide it?) and on a trip to New York from???

Oh, I have to watch your fucking video to find out that it’s from the middle west?? (who calls it that) Were you too embarrassed to print that and confirm you couldn’t even get a fucking state out of her. (Was it in the morning, afternoon, night? If it’s a business trip what is the purpose of her traveling to New York, a meeting? conference? just out to see a broadway show?).

They say she was in coach and bumped to first class to an open seat next to Donald and 45 minutes after takeoff when the dinner trays were cleared he moved the armrest somehow and he groped her and reached under her skirt after which she went back to coach. (Are those first class cabins are so private no one would see this? did she not say anything, did he not say anything? was there no one across the aisle, in front, behind? by the way which side were you on? left or right, you forgot to mention that)


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#FakeTrumpVictim, Jessica Leeds, Has Ties to the Clinton Campaign http://rebrn.com/re/faketrumpvictim-jessica-leeds-has-ties-to-the-clinton-campaign-2890825/ #trump #donald #leeds #hillary #new #york

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