Fakebook On Its Way To Zero


  • Facebook’s dirty tricks have been exposed, they will never completely regain the trust of users.
  • Alternatives are set to cannibalize the social media model, pioneered by Facebook.
  • Costs of security features, auditing information, and loss of ad revenue will make Facebook less profitable.

Finally, Facebook (FB) has been exposed for the fraud that it is.  There has never been such an inflated market cap based on nothingness, just hype.  Steve Jobs successfully hyped up Apple (AAPL) but unlike Fakebook, Apple actually makes products, and they have a huge following.  Here we will elaborate on several key points that we’ve been saying for years, but now maybe the market is listening:

  • Facebook (FB) has a weak underlying business model.  Users do not like to see advertisements therefore management will be driven to measures such as grey hat (or even black hat) methods to obtain data and use data in ways in conflict with users.
  • Facebook (FB) is ultimately and primarily a tool of the intelligence agencies (primarily but not exclusively the CIA) and furthers a larger agenda as part of the DOD’s “Information Awareness” program, more than it is a hot business model.
  • There are thousands of social media networks, in fact Ning offers users a platform to create their own social network.  The only thing unique about Facebook (FB) is that it is the most used and trusted network, but that all is hanging on the thin thread of users trust, which has now completely evaporated.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is an unethical tricky leader that cannot change, he is detached from reality, has no vision, no understanding of what his customers want, and perhaps most importantly; stole Facebook (FB) from Winkelvoss.
  • Facebook became spammy in 2010, the amount of bot manipulation is highly under-reported.  Fake accounts are bought and sold in a black market, software is sold that can create fake accounts by the hundreds, thousands.

Based on the above, we believe the real value of Facebook (FB) is about $10 – $20 per share.  Let’s use the ‘toplist’ format as promoted by Facebook (FB) itself:

“Top Reasons Facebook (FB) is going down fast”

  • Users are abandoning their accounts, deleting them, and it has become ‘cool’ to delete your Fakebook account.  #DeleteFacebook
  • Mark Zuckerberg originally referred to his users as “Dumb Fucks” this meme is now being circulated.
  • Cambridge Analytica is not unique.  This is the underlying model of Facebook’s business model (if you can call it a ‘model’).
  • Facebook’s IPO disaster was a sign of things to come.
  • Lawsuits are just the beginning.  People are angry.
  • Cook County is suing for ‘fraud’ – this is a public government suing Facebook for SERIOUS violations.  Fraud isn’t something you can just get over.  It takes years to make a reputation and minutes to lose it.
  • According to Edward Snowden, Facebook is a surveillance company.
  • Once the genie is out of the bottle, hard to put back.  Perhaps some users didn’t think this was going on and others didn’t care.  But now there’s a movement to control how Facebook spies on you.

So if this trend continues – what should investors do?  Sell, that’s for starters.  Contact an attorney who knows Securities if you are a shareholder.  That’s the good news.  Finally, unless you like being tracked in your every move, delete your Facebook (FB) account.  Because that’s the only real remedy.  You can’t block Zuck:

Remember one thing, Facebook (FB) users – you use FB with your consent.  This author deleted FB years ago, as have millions of others.  If you really like the idea of social network there are hundreds of others.  Or set one up yourself for sharing family photos with Grandma.  JomSocial can turn any Joomla site into a social media site.

What do the FTC, German government, Cook County Illinois and many others have in common?  They are all looking into the abuses of Facebook (FB).

Lawsuits are nothing new, one could say that Facebook (FBitself was born out of a lawsuit (with Winkelvoss).  

The point here is investors that this is the beginning of a crap storm that has been brewing for years but it didn’t metastasize until now.

Facebook is going to zero.  If you’re long get out now before it drops further.  There’s nothing supporting the stock except hopers and hot air.


One last thing, Fake News started on Facebook (FB) see articles herehere, and here.  Since the Trump election there has been a backlash on ‘Fake News’ sites, which Facebook is #1.  It’s a platform for Fake News!

News existed before Fakebook and will continue to exist.  Facebook is to the internet was the Laser Disc was to the home movie industry.  It’s outdated, it’s bloated, it’s hype – there’s nothing there.  Move on, drones.  Nothing to see here.

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