Facebook to use facial recognition software

Facebook has been working to make the tagging process easier when it comes to sharing photos with family and friends, and now, the social networking heavyweight will be using facial recognition software to do just that.

Tagging photos can be a tedious process on Facebook if a user is sharing several photos from a large event. For instance, special occasions like birthday parties and weddings could have you sitting at the computer tagging the same people over and over, picture by picture, for long periods of time.

Facebook has recognized the frustration involved in this process, and began working on a solution this past October. Now, the company is ready to present its end result, which is a facial recognition tool that is sure to make the monotonous task of photo tagging a more pleasant experience.

The new facial recognition software is called “tag suggestions,” which utilizes facial recognition software to match people in new photos to other photos they may be tagged in as well.

For instance, let’s say a friend uploads new photos that include you to their profile. Tag suggestions uses photo recognition software to distinguish your face from others based on previous tagged photos of you. Or, if someone in the batch of photos does not have any previous tags on Facebook, “group tagging,” which allows a user to type one name and apply it to all of the photos that contain that person, can be used to manually tag individuals. But a user only has to type the name once, still making this feature much easier than previous methods of manual tagging.

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